The Cue Lab : Animal Breeding and Quantitative Genetics

The Cue lab conducts quantitative genetic research on dairy and beef cattle, and swine. Most of our research is applied, typically involving biometrical and statistical analyses of large-scale, field-recorded data from milk recording, beef recording and swine recording programmes.

Current research topics include genetic variability of lifetime profitability, correlations between production traits and body weight, and realised selection intensities. Previous work, in collaboration with Valacta, has developed models for predicting dairy heifer growth to first calving, as an aid to farm management.

In addition to scientific, academic publications we develop and prototype software tools, resulting from our academic research in animal breeding and farm animal recording systems and our use of these large databanks.

Publically accessible course material

Statistical Methods II, AEMA 610, public web site

R version of some Statistical Methods II material

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Roger Cue, Dept. Animal Science
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